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A Journey in Training Development with National Park Experts

PHOTO NOTE: BMRA took part in a team piloting program for the Facility Management for First Line Supervisors course. Held at Effigy Mounds National Monument for the National Park Service (NPS), a group of 10 students, ranging from new supervisors to new facility managers, came together to go through the course. Topics ranged from the asset management process to interviewing skills and more.

The Journey in Training

Have you ever wondered how the incredibly dedicated folks at the NPS stay at the top of their game? It is all about the synergy between hard knowledge and real-world experiences. Let’s dive in.

Guardians of Our Nation’s Treasure

First, a shoutout to the heroes in green and gray—the NPS employees. They’re on the frontline, doing the admirable job of preserving our nation’s natural wonders and cultural icons that help tell the story of our heritage. And to help them shine in their roles, our team at Business Management Research Associates (BMRA) creates training events that focus on both power skills (formerly known as “soft skills”) and technical prowess.

The Magic Behind the Training: NPS’s Very Own Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

To make our training modules genuinely impactful, we don’t just sit in a room brainstorming. We collaborate with the real authorities—SMEs from the NPS. Why do we use this approach?

1. Tapping into Raw Expertise

A Deep Dive: These SMEs have true understanding about the challenges faced by the National Park Service, whether it is about preserving a Civil War Monument or grappling with Climate Change. This deep-dive knowledge ensures our training isn’t just fact-filled, but heart-filled, staying true to the NPS spirit.

Walking the NPS Talk: We’re not just creating content; we are aligning with the NPS mission, all thanks to the insights from our SMEs.

2. Real Stories from the Field

Tales from the Trenches: Our SMEs have been there. And, they bring to the table vivid examples that resonate with the day-to-day endeavors of NPS employees.

Case Studies that Pop: There’s nothing like a authentic case study to make learning stick. Thanks to our SMEs, we’ve got tales that spark those “Aha!” moments.

3. Giving Our Learning Events the SME Seal of Approval

Only the Best for Our Learners: Before any module is delivered, our SMEs give it a thorough once-over. Their stamp of approval ensures that the learning will be impactful.

Keeping the Content Fresh: Our SMEs are like our in-house critics, always giving us feedback to make things even better. We love continuous improvement!

4. It’s More Than Just Business; It’s Personal

Creating Together: When we work with SMEs, there is a sense of shared ownership. We’re not just exchanging data; we’re co-creating transformative learning experiences.

A True Learning Community: This isn’t just a one-off collaboration. Engaging with SMEs means we’re building a community where everyone is invested in the learning journey.

Wrapping It Up: It’s All About the Partnership

At the end of the day, the harmony between our instructional designers at BMRA and the NPS SMEs is where the magic happens. Together, we’re ensuring the torchbearers of our nation’s legacy are equipped, inspired, and ever ready. So, the next time you visit a national park and marvel at its wonders, know there’s a whole world of learning and collaboration working in the background!

Until next time, keep exploring and appreciating the wonders around you.


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